Supercharge your child's handwriting in 60 minutes by Sheilagh Blyth MSc BSc OT (Hons)

Parents, do you have that 'uh oh' feeling knowing your child needs YOUR help to improve their handwriting. Yet you're not sure what help is the right help?

Supercharge your child's handwriting in 60 minutes

An online course for parents and children, of any age, that will give you both superpowers (in handwriting).

What if...

  • You could look at how your child is holding their pencil and confidently say to them you're doing a good job. 
  • You could ask your child to sit up when writing, knowing why it is so important without feeling like a nag. 
  • You could explain to your child how to not hook their wrist. How not to be in pain when writing. Just by showing them how to angle the paper. 
  • You knew when is the best time of day to help them practice their handwriting.
This is how you can supercharge your child's handwriting. It is about teaching them the foundational steps that often get missed out in our schools.

Let's face facts

You've probably been searching the internet for a while. Not knowing where to look. Not knowing what advice is right.

Your child's school may even have said "don't worry they'll get it in the end, it's just taking your child a little longer than others".

BUT deep down you know your son or daughter needs help now. This niggle is not going away.

However knowing what to do for the best can be tricky. Especially if it's been a little while since you were at school. Things have changed. Terminology is different. The style of handwriting has even changed.

What you do know is:

  • YOU need help to quickly fathom out HOW TO TEACH handwriting to your child. 
  • YOUR child needs to boost their confidence. So that they can BELIEVE they can have neat, legible handwriting. 
  • TOGETHER you both want to feel and shout out aloud "we can do this!". Handwriting will no longer cause tears and tantrums in your house again.

Well this is where I can help you...

Give me 60 minutes of your time and I'll show you how you can improve your child's handwriting without needing to teach your child a single letter stroke. 

I know amazing isn't it! It is no lie or sales gimmick.

This is an online course that promises to work wonders whatever your child's age. One that really delivers. Giving you insights in handy, bite sized chunks. And best of all it doesn't take up loads of your time. 

Hi, I'm Sheilagh

BUT why learn from me?

  • I’m a children’s occupational therapist with a passion and a slight fascination about all things to do with handwriting.
  • I want to make it easy for EVERYONE.
  • I don’t believe handwriting should be boring or repetitive.
  • I know that teaching one approach to the many is not right for everyone. 
  • Every child is different and so are my teaching methods.
  • Over the last 20 years I’ve helped many, many children.
  • I’ve written two books on handwriting. One is a best seller. (‘The Early Handwriting Toolkit’)
  • Oh and I’ve never met any child who I have not been able to transform their writing.

Together we will look at...

Pencil Grip - What is a "good or bad" pencil grip. How to understand if it is affecting your child's letter formation skills. Discover what pencils and pens you can buy to improve their writing without asking them to change anything.

Sitting posture - How and why this influences handwriting. Look at where your child completes their homework and ask does this need changing? Bone health and how to avoid your child developing the modern day 'hunch back'.

Paper position - How both left and right handed writers hook their wrists. Why they do this and how it can be easily avoided. And I even show you how ex American presidents get this wrong too!

Becoming a handwriting champion - Looking at when is the best time of day to learn how to write. How emotions are linked to handwriting. The language we should be using when describing handwriting as advised by the UK National Handwriting Association. How long we should expect to wait before we see improvements in handwriting.


Take a sneak peek here

(This is a 1 minute snippet of my video about pencil grips)

What is included?

This supercharge online course provides step by step guidance. Advising you how to look at your child's handwriting, what to look out for when they are writing and what changes to make.

It achieves this through a combination of 6 videos, 3 worksheets, 1 resource files / checklists, 2 links to helpful blog posts and 6 summary quizzes. At the end of every video you (and your child) will be set 'homework' to help implement the advice shown on the video. There are even monthly support Q&A sessions via Facebook to help make swift progress.

It is paced by yourself. You can stop and start at any time. Access to this course is available 12 months from the date of purchase. 

Why I created this course?

Being really honest I know a lot about handwriting. It is my area of 'special interest', as they say. I absolutely love it. Much to many kids horror.

As a children's occupational therapist, the one thing that I was always taught is if you get the foundation steps right, then handwriting becomes easier to master. Yet nowadays, we move straight on into letter formations, compositions and the use of grammar.

We neglect the foundational steps. This is what I 'teach' here on this online course.

These are tried and tested techniques. I don't like to think that I 'teach'. I like to show and explain things to you. I give practical, realistic advice. Giving you the tools to do it with your child when I am not there. All my examples use real kids with real handwriting issues.

Who is this for?

This is for you if....

  • You and your child wish to improve their handwriting.
  • Your child is aged between 5 to 16 years.
  • Wish to implement strategies to make positive changes to your child's handwriting.
  • Have access to the internet and a printer. 

This is NOT for you if...

  • You want a 'done for you' approach where someone else teaches your child. (If this is you check my Skype handwriting tuition pages here)

Reasons why others have taken this course

"They are both behind in writing and I wish to make it fun and less stressful, they are struggling and uncaring of how untidy their writing is." Vicki, Mum to Leon and Archie.

"I have signed up to help my 10 year old who was in tears tonight after having to write in fast joined up writing at school today."  Alison, Mum whose son had been trying to improve his handwriting for 2 years.

"I would really like to help my 7 year old with her handwriting which in the last 6 months seems to have slipped rather than improved." Caron, Mum of a girl whose teacher threw her work away in the rubbish bin because it was too difficult to read.

"I just want her to be able to enjoy creating work that she can be proud of and not be left behind because she’s embarrassed of how it looks." Jacqui, Mum to 7-year old daughter.

"My daughter can write but after the first line writing becomes sloppy she tries to join the letter and it looks a mess can't read it. I also think pencil grip is an issue." Bhavika, Mum.

"To make writing easier for my child." Laura, Mum to 9-year old Seth.

"I wish to help my son’s handwriting to be more legible & efficient (so it’s not so slow & laborious for him)". Vicky, Mum. 


What happens if I have a problem and I do not know what to do next?

This should not happen as I guide you through any potential hiccups on the videos. 

However if it does, do not worry, I am there to help. In the welcome video you will find be told about the dedicated email address to contact me. I will also be around at the monthly Q&A in our private Facebook group. Here you can show me examples of your child's handwriting. It will also give you greater insight on what to do next when helping your child.

How much time to I have to give to this?

This is a course to be completed in your own timescale. You can whizz through all the instructions in less than 60 minutes. (All the course videos when watched together last a total of 57 minutes). However it will take you longer than that to work through the homework I set. The homework will help improve your child's work. Every video ends with homework and it should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete. 

How can you improve handwriting without teaching letter strokes?

There are many stages to handwriting success. Often we take for granted that children know how to sit and how to angle the paper. We presume they are writing in the best writing instrument for them. But if left unchecked bad habits can be formed. Learning to write becomes unnecessarily difficult. This supercharge courses helps you to teach your child the foundation steps that are often brushed aside in schools. 

Will this work for my teenager?

Yes, the advice is not age specific. The information is aimed at setting your child up to have the best start when they write.

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Honestly, this is the best way to get my advice without paying to physically work with me. You will be getting expert handwriting advice at the time both you and your child need it (which is NOW!).